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It’s been almost a year since I posted here. That was not my intention, but life got in the way. I wrote. I wrote some more. I launched a new business. And I wrote some more.

What does that have to do with SimplyScrivener? Apart that I write everything in Scrivener, nothing.

But I do have some Scrivener news. First, I’ll be teaching Scrivener iOS class via the Orange County Chapter of RWA next month. I’ll post when I have specific dates and the cost.

Second, if you haven’t heard, there will be a new version of Scrivener coming out in the fall, probably around the same time as Apple’s new OS update.

Scrivener 3 FOR THE MAC will be a paid update—price is TBD—for those who already have Scrivener 1 or 2. Scrivener 3 FOR WINDOWS will come out in 2018, but there will be free betas for users to play with.

What’s new? First, Scrivener 3 for macOS is a 64-bit app that will run smoothly with all the new Mac technolgies. To run Scrivener 3, you’ll be required to have macOS 10.12 Sierra or High Sierra.

In terms of getting a sneak peek on new or updated features, go to LiteratureandLatte.com’s blog. You’ll see what features have been upgraded and redesigned (let’s say I am really excited about the new corkboard revamp).

Third, I threatened long ago that I’d be writing a Scrivener workbook(s), which I am self-publishing and you will be able to purchase them here at Simply Scrivener.

Why did I wait so long? In part because I was waiting for Scrivener 3  (and I’m lazy. I didn’t want to write one for Scrivener 2 and constantly update for every iteration of the app).

I’ll also have a Scrivener for iOS workbook as well. This will be solely for the iPad. Why? To be honest, I don’t like writing on my iPhone. I avoid texting as much as possible because my eyes are just not that sharp.

These two workbooks are modeled after Adobe’s Classroom in Book format. As much as I would love to include video, I won’t because that’s not my strength. Price is TBD.

Lastly, will I be updating this site? Yes and no. For the most part, because it is called Simply Scrivener, I kept it to only Scrivener tutorials with a few exceptions here and there where I played around with other applications that team up nicely with Scrivener.

A recent purchase was DEVONthink Pro for all matters of content management for my research (you all know how much I love spending my time looking for new information on the Spanish Civil War). I will have tutorials how I use DEVONthink Pro and Scrivener together. I’ll also get into more detail with Aeon Timeline.

That’s it for now. Stop by for updates and let me know if you have any questions.

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