Scrivener 3

If you haven’t been following the latest Scrivener news, the new upgrade launched today.

As you can see above, the logo has been updated to one that’s minimalist and very elegant.The yin-yang is subtle and the use of the quotation marks is clever.

I will be making changes to the header of this blog and include Scrivener 3, and Scrivener iOs logos. I am still Simply Scrivener, but now a bit more expanded.

What’s in the future for this site? It’s been a long time since I posted a tutorial. The rationale was that once Scrivener 3 came along, I would start posting about the new features. But many users on the Literature and Latte forum and Facebook pages brought up the issue that many of them can’t upgrade to either Sierra or High Sierra. Would their versions of Scrivener be inoperable? Would new Scrivener users using older operating systems, which still allows 32-bit apps, be able to use the program? Thankfully, yes. Scrivener 2 will still be available for download from Literature and Latte for individuals with older operating systems.

To be fully transparent, the tutorials I offered on this site were mostly the features I used often and liked the best. You might have noticed that Compile was never covered and that’s because it was the one function in Scrivener I truly disliked. Scrivener 3’s Compile has been simplified and I hope when I actually print out my work it won’t be a formatting mess.

I will cover features in Scrivener 2 I rarely used (or didn’t like). I will post tutorials on the new features and cover more Scrivener iOS features.

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