Winter Special: 31 Days of Scrivener Plus 5 Skype Sessions

January is a busy month chez moi. I usually have several projects going on, but February is much slower and that gives me more time to work on my Scrivener workbooks. It also gives me the opportunity to open an impromptu 31 Days of Scrivener PLUS 5 Private Skype Sessions.

Here’s the deal…these tutorials usually go for $200.00. Yes, it’s pricey, but given my ahem expertise and the time it takes me to write these lessons, $200 is a bargain.

I realize, though, for many readers it’s not affordable. After all, many of us write for a living and the income earning potential isn’t that great (now you know why I teach these tutorials on the side).

As a 2016 Winter Special, 31 Days of Scrivener plus 5 Skype sessions will be offered for $50. How does it work? You get the following:

1. A daily PDF lesson emailed to you.

2. One weekly Skype session to answer questions on that week’s lessons.

3. You automatically become a member of the Simply Scrivener Facebook community where you can interact with other students and ask questions and share tips.

4. A few perks here and there, like icons to pretty up your binder and backgrounds for Composition Mode.

To sign up, email me at Registration starts tomorrow and ends on January 29, 2016. After January 29th, the price goes up to $200. NO EXCEPTIONS.


  1 comment for “Winter Special: 31 Days of Scrivener Plus 5 Skype Sessions

  1. MichelleNewell
    January 30, 2016 at 6:37 pm

    Darn, just missed the deal! I’ve just found your site and I’m looking forward to learning lots for now through your content here. Despite using Scrivener for a few years, I can still only do the basics 🙂

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