A New Generation of Scrivener Users

Scrivener: The Infinite Desk. Image courtesy of Literature and Latte.

After tomorrow’s big feast, many NANOWRIMO participants will loosen the buttons on their jeans and drag themselves back to their desks to write that day’s allotment of 1,667 words. If all goes well, by November 30, 2013 at 11:59 PM, many writers will have completed their 50,000 word draft. Just as Literature and Latte* has done in previous years, the company is offering all NANOWRIMO winners the opportunity to purchase Scrivener for only 50% off its regular price for both the Mac and Windows version. This is a terrific offer. Get it. Believe me, it will change your writing life.

For writers who downloaded the program and only used the very basics (essentially pantsing in the Editor) and now want to learn more than just typing in a wide white space, you’ve come to the right place. If you haven’t downloaded the 30 day trial (and it’s actually not 30 straight calendar days, but 30 days of actual use) and want to get a better handle of how to use the program from someone who uses it on a daily basis, you’ve also come to the right spot.

My goal with this blog is to be your point of reference when you get stuck, frustrated, or simply can’t figure out how to use one of its many features. I’ll start with the very basics from opening the program, selecting the right template, and reviewing the main features of Scrivener to more sophisticated features that include collections, snapshots, metadata, syncing with other programs like Dropbox and teaching how to format and compile your future best-selling novel.

My tutorials are detailed and I provide many images so you can see everything step-by-step. For those who rather watch than read long tutorials, I’ll have videos for you to view. So my work is cut out—a lot of writing and filming, but working in Scrivener and teaching others how to get the most out of it is a lot of fun.

Stay tuned because on December 1, we start the first of many tutorials.

*Note: I’d like to thank David at Literature and Latte for use of the Scrivener Tile logo and images in the header of this blog. I think it looks kinda pretty.

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