Adverb Honing with Scrivener 3’s Linguistic Focus

Hello, my name is Simply Scrivener and I use adverbs often that would make Stephen King cringe. Well, that’s a fib. I was trying to come up with a clever way to get your attention and introduce Scrivener 3’s Linguistic Focus.

I don’t agree with Stephen King’s opinion about adverbs. Like most things in life I believe they can be used in moderation. Some writers—mostly novice scribes—tend to sprinkle adverbs like fairy dust throughout their prose.

Sometimes when you’re in deep writing mode and your story has carried you into a different world you tend not to notice when you’ve been generous with adverb usage. And that’s why Linguistic Focus is such a great tool because with a click of your mouse, you can see all your adverbs stand out in the spotlight.

To use Linguistic Focus go to Edit->Writing Tools->Lingusitic Focus. A window will open that allows you to select what part of speech you want to standout. There’s also a slider that fades your unselected text.

Here’s some text from a chapter, highlighting the adverbs I used:

Linguistic focus will never replace a good copyeditor, but it will help you trim your usage of adverbs or any other part of speech. It’s a good tool to use when you’re at the beginning of your revisions.

*H/T to Alan McGrath for catching to two grammatical errors. THANK YOU!

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