Creating a New Document In Scrivener for iOS

 I thought the best way to start this tutorial was to show how you can create a new document. It’s fairly straight forward: first open your project on your iPad and go to the folder where you want to add your new text file.


Once you’ve determined where you want to file it, go to the Binder’s footer and tap the + icon. A new window opens and you’ll be able to name that file and also add a synopsis.


After you’ve typed in the title and added a synopsis, tap “Open” and start writing.

I wrote this in SIOS and wondered what if I created the text file outside of the Tutorial folder, how could I move it to the appropriate folder. Unlike the MacBook Pro, I have no trackpad to drag and drop.

Well, that’s easy. Tap on “Edit” on the top right-hand of the Binder and then you’ll have the added function to move text files into folders. Each folder and homeless text file will have have a clear circle button. At the Binder’s  footer you’ll see that some of the functions are grayed out. Once you check the text file or folder you want to move those functions will turn to black.


The next step is to move my SIOS Tutorial into the Tutorial folder. Tap on the folder icon with the plus sign and a new window will open. I find the Tutorial folder and tap on it and my selected text file is automatically moved into that file.


Tap “Done” and you are back to your regular Binder listing. Open your folder and you’ll see your text file.

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